Re: VB script to park and initialize AP900GTO GTOCP3

Wiggins, Rick

Hi Pete,
I would like to add that there are many other failure mechanisms
when using your stated H/W and S/W suite where the mount can be left
tracking and eventually hit the pier. I use the same equipment and
have resorted to a physical stop mechanism. I devised a microswitch
that is tripped when the mount goes past the western horizon and
this cuts the power to the mount. It has worked on multiple
Thanks, Rick

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I have automated my observatory with CCDCommander on top of it
using TheSky6, MaximDL4, FocusMax, TPoint, PulseGuide, DDWCP,

In last session (for reason unknown) my AP900GTO mount didn't park
continued to track (CCDCommander was using TheSky6 to park the
I ended up with broken Dec-motor Y-cable.

Now to make it sure, I would like to write a small VB script to
the scope again at the end of my imaging session. I would also
like to
be able to initialize the mount with the script. Has anyone done
kind of script?


P.S. I'm going to automate the power source too, so that I can cut
power to the mount remotely.

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