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Kent Kirkley

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those "purists" who think that GPS and modeling are not needed, you
can still do it all manually. I continue to vote for adding both
these features to the AP mount control software and I am pleased to
see that AP is working on modeling. I am looking forward to the
How many locations do people image from? One, two, four, about
I have currently stored in my AP 'locations' five places I sometimes image
All I have to do is select one. A built in GPS is not needed.

As far as modeling is concerned....with a mount like the AP1200GTO that I
use....I haven't found it necessary. While unguided imaging may seem to be
necessary for some........simply guiding works so well as to render the effort
less than appealing. I think you will find that all accomplished imagers guide
their exposures.....either by built in or external guiders, off axis guiders or
guide scopes.

Kent Kirkley

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