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Dr. David Toth

At 10:10 AM 9/1/2008, Rick K wrote:
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At 11:30 AM 8/30/2008, Bryan Henry wrote:
True, but if the modeling software is built into the hand control it
eliminates the need for the notebook computer and its intrusive screen.

If you do not have a computer running, then you likely are not
imaging. If you are not imaging, you likely do not NEED the modelling
software, as the pointing will almost always be fine for visual work.

I was thinking along the same lines and had a similar reply drafted
when I realized that quite a few imagers use higher end digital SLR's
such as Canon 40d's and the like. Having the modeling software in the
keypad would be even more useful for this situation since it would
eliminate guiding which would elimante a notebook computer and guider
and the associated power costs.
Modelling software does not eliminate guiding, it aids in pointing. There is one mount that CAN use the info from modelling to improve tracking, but it is an exception. To support your position, though, one COULD use a ST4 or STV and not require a computer to guide. Or just use short exposures and stack of course.

It would still be better to guide though.


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