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Richard Crisp

i have both a left and right pocket and that is my point: he takes from one and puts into the other and claims he gave me something....
I guess I should feel blessed if I get even 50% of what was in my left pocket back when it goes into my right pocket.... usually there's a bit of "loss" in that round trip through washington.

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I guess it depends on whether you are the left pocket or the right pocket.


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The shame of it all, the ones that can afford better get it before
he gets in. Otherwise they won't either he will definitely take from
the rich and give to the low life's. Mr George it's about time you turned over!

Richard Crisp
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I want to see how he takes it out of the front left pocket and puts
it into the front right pocket and claims he gave me something...

sort of like certain astro-vendors. ..

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None of us can afford one until Barrack gets elected and gives us all
that "stuff" he just promised.
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I am really a little surprised that there isn't a little more group
response on this very exciting announcement from AP. Am I missing
something? joe

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4. Does the precision encoder system improve pointing, or just
tracking? (I know there are other variables affecting pointing
e.g. refraction and flex of the OTA.)
To expand this, the mount gearing system is quite precise and is
capable of
pointing to any known angle to within +- 5 arc seconds over the
entire 360
degree rotation of each axis. It has been tested on a precision
encoder to that
level of accuracy. This includes all the gear errors, periodic and
tooth to
tooth. Sky pointing errors arise from all the other external
factors of
atmospheric dispersion, orthogonality of the optical tube,
flexure, mirror flop, time
errors in RA, etc. Those need to be modeled and compensated with


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