Exoplanet WASP-10b in Pegasus (fresh discovery)


Dear group,

During the first week of Jun/2008, the WASP team announced two new exoplanets, namely
WASP-10b and WASP-14b. Both of these are significantly heavier than Jupiter and also
much more dense.

Although I was hesitatant last night about pursuing the first available transit of WASP-10b
for capture due to the low preingress altitude of the host star, I decided to pursue the
transit anyway so as get the experience and knowledge surrounding this relatively dim
host star (mag 12.70).

The results turned out much better than I expected and it is also interesting to note the
prediction for egress does not agree with last night's result, for it seems the total transit of
142 minutes should be greater.

For those interested, I kindly direct them to http://www.perseus.gr/Astro-Photometry-
WASP-10-20080828.htm .

There is another opportunity to capture this transit at the end of the month and with the
host star much higher in the sky. It will be interesting to see how my result then will
compare with last night's effort.

The discovery team makes reference to tidal effects and which most probably is
attributable to the presence of another exoplanet.


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