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If you must go off-topic, can you at least spell the name correctly?
There is one "r" in Barack.


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None of us can afford one until Barrack gets elected and gives us
that "stuff" he just promised.
Herb York

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I am really a little surprised that there isn't a little more group
response on this very exciting announcement from AP. Am I missing
something? joe

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> > 4. Does the precision encoder system improve pointing, or just
> > tracking? (I know there are other variables affecting pointing
> > e.g. refraction and flex of the OTA.)
> >
> To expand this, the mount gearing system is quite precise and is
capable of
> pointing to any known angle to within +- 5 arc seconds over the
entire 360
> degree rotation of each axis. It has been tested on a precision
encoder to that
> level of accuracy. This includes all the gear errors, periodic
tooth to
> tooth. Sky pointing errors arise from all the other external
factors of
> atmospheric dispersion, orthogonality of the optical tube,
flexure, mirror flop, time
> errors in RA, etc. Those need to be modeled and compensated with
> Rolando
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