Re: AP160/AP 1200 Counter Balance Help

Scott <shammo@...>

Thanks for that generous offer Bill. Thats thoughtful of you...
i would not need that much weight if it was further out from the dec head. I was limited with what I had available at the time. Now I am looking for a permanent solution.


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Scott Hammonds wrote:
Hi Kent,

You can see a photo, not a great one, but it shows the guide scope setup and
scope rings with plate. My plate is a fixed AP plate. I have the AP 16"
Losmandy style dovetail plate I could use with a long D plate, but I'd need
to drill holes for the rings.

I don't have a problem adding weight to the front, but right now I have to
add a LOT, probably 15 lbs because of the location of the center of gravity
for the scope and camera.

Hi Scott,

You could trade me straight across your camera for my/your old ST-10 ?
<lol> Seriously, refractors and RC's are notorious at ending up tail
heavy. Having the option of using a Dovetail Saddle and Plate does allow
you to slide everything forward to some degree. But even that might not
be enough. Mounted on the front of my RC, to the bottom of the dovetail
plate, is a Losmandy DA plate with a 20 pound weight. This is useful for
offsetting the weight of the camera. When I replaced my STL with your
ST-10 I was able to remove this weight and compensate a bit by pushing
the FSQ mounted topside a bit further forward. Adding this weight back
will then compensate for the STL being mounted back onto the FSQ.

curious that the magic number in your case is also 20 pounds.



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