Re: Dec Autoguiding problem

Steve Peters


Too bad for me that your bet didn't involve money; I'd be a little
richer right now. I used my friend's dec assembly (only) on my mount
and the guiding was flawless. There was no dec oscillation when
pointed in any part of the sky. This proves -- again -- that the
problem is inherent to my mount's dec axis. Everything else --
software, parameter numbers, cables, polar alignment, etc. -- has
been ruled out.

Now as for the specific problem with my dec assembly, I can only
suspect that there is something loose in the dec motor gear train
that is exacerbated by the shift in weight when the mount is pointed
to the west. I could do more testing to try to further isolate the
cause, but ultimately it is something that will probably need to be
fixed by your expert technician anyway. So I will leave it to AP to
pick up the ball from here. I will call Wally and talk with him.


Steve Peters

Beats me. I am out of ideas on this one.

Swap the Dec axis from your mount with the one from your friend,
take it
home. I bet that he will have no problem guiding with your Dec axis
and you will
have the same issue with his axis on your mount.


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