Re: Cable recommendation?

Howard Hedlund

Hi Drew,

USB cables should not exceed 5 meters (about 16 ft.) in length. Serial
cables, on the other hand, can be quite lengthy. You will be best off
having the USB to serial adapter on a short USB cable and plugged
directly into its own USB port on the laptop. Going through a USB hub
can also add a possible source of error.

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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I am having trouble with Pulseguide not always sending to the mount.
FFor example sometimes changing button rates doesn't take. I suspect
the problem is dodgy cables.

I have:
Mount >
Short Serial cables >
pretty high quality Serial to USB connection >
HP powered USB hub at the mount>
USB cable from hub to laptop (about 25 feet)

I suspect the problem is the Serial or the USB cables.

1) Do people have specific recomendations as to brands of serial and
USB cables and where to get them (preferably where to order them online)

2) Should I have short serial cables, the hub on the mount, and a 25
foot USB run Hub-to-laptop or should I have a 25 foot Serial cable,
then convert to USB right at the laptop?

Thanks in advance

Drew Sullivan

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