Re: Guiding at low declination: Help needed!

Dr. David Toth

At 05:55 PM 8/14/2008, Gianluca wrote:
Sorry, but when you said that, in case my drift was more than 1-2 pixels in
a 7 second exposure, I might need to re-do my polar alignment, I got the
impression that the 2 things were somehow related. But I guess I was wrong.

I also guess that, since I don't use Maxim dl I cannot check the chart you
mention, since I have none in CCDSoft.

My reasons to use CCDSoft are mainly because it integrates well with The Sky
but I guess that the advantages do not compensate for the shortcomings of
the program in many ways. I will download a demo version of Maxim and see
how I can work with it, since everyone seems to be so satisfied with maxim.

Thanks and ciao

Luca: as I have mentioned in another msg here, I don't think this is a matter of CCDSoft not guiding well but may be a question of parameters.
Have you posted this apparent problem to the Software Bisque Support Corner?

Trying Maxim may be helpful if you end up with the same results - if you don't, then it could still be a problem with program settings.


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