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howard lazarus <howardlazarus@...>

Hi Mike;
You are 100% right...I too would like a more extensive double cat. and a
more extensive cluster cat. and that was the reasoning brhind the chip and
web site. But, just based on my contacts with Marj I think we are many many
months away from that situation.Version 2.6 which I now have is nice to have
only due to the alignment process and the assitance one gets from having the
scope slew back to the original star selected or anyother star one wishes to
perfect the alignment process.
But point well taken , Mike.
Howard L

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Hello all,

Howard Lazarus wrote:
I have reached the point now where Polar alignment is a snap and objects
hit the center or close to it everytime.
It is indeed fun to get to the point Howard describes. The down side, at
least for me, is that I've become an alignment perfectionist; nothing less
than objects centered in a 3mm Radian FOV will do!

It would be interesting to see how many people use each of the various
alignment methods---and how many are satisfied with the result (i.e. at or
near center of a high power eyepiece field all evening long). These are
methods I recall. Has a new one been added recently?

1. Polaris and one other star
2. Two star method (does anyone still use this one?)
3. Simulated star drift (flip scope from east to west, adjust half way,

On another subject, does anyone occasionally wish for more double stars in
the GTO ADS catalog? Ever since I discovered that one can glimpse
of doubles well below the Dawes limit with a 3mm Radian (no doubt a
well-known fact to experienced observers), I've wished for more choices.
Also wouldn't mind an open cluster catalog; there are several good ones
aren't in NGC or IC.

Mike Masters

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