Re: It has been sometime.....

Jim Fakatselis <jfakatse@...>

Hi Howard,
Was wondering when AP is going to get around to officically announcing
the upgrade. I got my AP 600E back in November '98 and am waiting to
upgrade. Is there any disadvantage to upgrading now? I suspect the only
thing not ready is the Web based upgrades.

howard lazarus wrote:

Since I have not seen any comments on our GTO mounts and how things
are going I will just ramble out a few words. I recently had my keypad
upgraded(great service BTW) to Version 2.6....The major improvements
were with Polar alignment and two star alignment...much easier, more
fun and improves it. There were not increases in the
object library and the computer chip that we have heard about may not
be but be in the form of web site downloads which sounds very
exciting.Here in Florida (south Florida) the weather has only been
fair , very cloudy but if one waits pass 11P.M. the light pollution
tones down somewhat and the cooler air permits for fairly good
observing. I have reached the point now where Polar alignment is a
snap and objects hit the center or close to it everytime. I have Beta
tested the new version 3.0 of Digitsky Voice software, it is very
complete far more items added and the voice commands have been reduced
somewhat...but to me I just love working with the keypad and not
having a computer in the field. Well clear skies to allHoward Lazarus

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