Exoplanet TrES-1b in Lyra


Dear group,

Last night I sat down to pursue the predicted transit for TrES-1b in Lyra. Although the winds
were very strong and I did think about packing things up on more than one occasion, I
eventually sat things out and let the session complete (much to my satisfaction after seeing
the results). However, I would like to revisit this exoplanet over the next few days with the
two or three opportunities which do exist so as to pursue hopefully a cleaner result under
better conditions.

The light curve is available on my website at

http://www.perseus.gr/Astro-Photometry-TrES-1-20080708.htm ....

I promise to follow-up later this week with another transit result for TrES-1b under better
weather conditions.

Clear skies!


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