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Roland Christen

In a message dated 7/9/2008 3:52:48 AM Central Daylight Time,
pawel.lancucki@... writes:

Hi All,

After a longish travel, my Mach-1 finally arrived to Poland yesterday and I
was able to set it up in-house on the Baader hardwood tripod. First with
just the cw bar attached to perform initial setup, than added
counterweights and my FSQ106. I must say it is a very nice piece of
hardware, very well machined. I also like the robustness of the electronics
- the way controller and handpad are housed, wires attached etc. Looks a
bit like "military grade" stuff definitely designed for field use :-)

As expected, the sky clouded up and it started to rain, so I have to
postpone any field tests and any real imaging with the new scope.

Nevertheless, I am pretty proud and happy Mach-1 user.

BTW, this is the first Mach-1 in Poland so far :-)

Pawel Lancucki
Welcome to the group. Do you have plans for astrophotography? If so, we would
like to see your results.


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