Mount Will Not Connect To Computer -SOLVED

Bill Bradford

First I thank all who have responded about this problem. It was gratifying to receive so much help.

The problem apparently was a corrupted serial port driver. Why it decided to do that while I was connected to the mount and doing Move commands I have no idea.

Richard Crisp hit it on the head when he told me that I first needed to get Windows up to date on my computer. The computer has been used only for astro the past couple of years and was way out of date. I did the update today.

Second, he said that after Windows is up to date to delete the serial port in the Device Mgr. Then to reboot so the system would have to go find the drivers. He said he would lay his money on it working. I have to admit that I was skeptical. :>)

Sure worked. Thanks, Richard.

Thanks everyone,

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