Re: Mount Will Not Connect To Computer

Bill Bradford

Hi Bill,
My first attempt at HyperTerminal did not work out well. I'm sure that I did not do something right.

Am going to try again after I finish updating the computer. It has not been connected to the net for a long time, so am updating Windows and the latest The Sky 6 drivers.

Appreciate your input.


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Bill Bradford wrote:
> I tried to connect with a different cable today and still have the same problem. I am going to try to connect on a friend's 1200 to get a final determination on the computer and cables.
> If I can connect on his mount, I will give you guys a call about next steps with my Control Panel.

Bill is it too much trouble to jumper pin 2 to pin 3 and use Hyperterm
to at least prove the computers serial port works ?


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