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Remember that the cables that you use MUST be the straight-thru type. We now sell 15' cables for the convenience of our customers (so you don't have to run all over town to find them).

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I tried both com ports on the mount and I am using a native serial port on my computer. I also tried to connect using another computer and had the same error message.

My set up has two 4 ft long serial cables in series. So, tried each cable separately to make sure that I did not have a cable failure. I figured that it is highly unlikely for two cables to fail at the same time.

I will be back from the dark site tonight and will call you guys tomorrow or the next day about possible additional testing I can do. I will do an echo test (as suggested by a group member) using Windows HyperTerminal to totally rule out the computers and cables. Although, it also seems unlikely that there would be a port problem on both computers.

At the suggestion of another group member I also tried to connect using PulseGuide vs. just The Sky. PulseGuide also gave the mount not responding error message.

The good news is that I am better at using the hand controller now. :>) Unlike my Tak mount, where the loss of computer control would seriously limit my ability to get on faint targets for photography, using the AP hand controller allowed me to image okay with just the additional time necessary to enter RA and Dec for stars not in the controller's catalogue. A small price for the ability to image as usual.


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Last night I had connected my Mach1 (new...have had it for 6 weeks) to The
Sky, as I usually do, and was testing the connection by using the Move
command in The Sky and everything was doing fine.

However, after a minute or so of moving each mount axis, the mount would no
longer take any command to move it. I removed power from the mount for 15
secs or so and tried to connect through The Sky and got an error message
saying that the AP GoTo was not responding.
There are two com ports. Did you try them both? Also, do you have a computer
with a com port or are you using a USB-serial converter? If so, you might
check your converter. The com ports on the mount servo are quite rugged, and it
would not be logical for both of them to fail simultaneaously, in fact they do
not fail very often at all. However, a converter can suddenly fail without


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