Re: C11 dec balance on 900GTO

Richard Seavey

Last year I had a Meade 10" SCT on a 1200GTO mount. My set-up was very tail
heavy with an STL-11000 camera, Pyxis rotator, TCFS focuser and IFW filter
wheel. I could just attain balance by using a Robin Casady 14" saddle, a
lightweight plastic dew shield and a 1 pound tube weight. I think your
options are to use a shorter saddle and/or add a metal dew shield (if you
don't use one). You may also have to add a pound or two at the front of the


At 04:51 AM 7/7/2008 +0000, you wrote:

Hi all,
I just got me 900GTO and I love this mount. I ran into a problem with my
declination axis
balance and am hoping that someone here can point me into the right direction:

I have a C11 mounted using a Losmandy dovetail plate on the 16" A-P
DOVELM16S saddle
plate. I mounted the DOVELM16S as far forward on the dec axis as possible
(using only two
screws from the hex pattern). I have a 2" diagonal and a heavy Televue EP
attached to the
back and there is no way that I achieve dec balance if I have both saddle
plate knobs engage
the dovetail plate.

I thought about adding weight to the front of the OTA (like with the
Losmandy DWS that
seems to screw into the front part of the dovetail plate). I believe I'd
need up to extra 10lb (I
also want to be able to attach a fairly heavy TCF focuser to the back).
I'd appreciate any
experience with this setup and recommendation for what to do.

Thanks for your help

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