Re: C11 dec balance on 900GTO

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Dirk,

Sorry to have misled you. I have the DOVELM8 on my AP900, and it does have 3 sets of holes for the two sets of knobs, so I assumed the DOVELM16S was similar. Now that I had a close look at the photo, I see that it does not.

Did you notice that your saddle has an offset pattern, so that if you are using the 2-bolt (centre line) holes to attach it, you can gain another inch or so, if you attach using the pair at the other end. Those two holes come closer to the end, with the rear hole even with the knob block.

The problem with using this saddle 180 degrees around is when you try to attach your OTA, the knobs will be vertically opposite than the other way - and so will the tip in channel. This might require more caution. Then again, this can be fixed by attaching the C11 initially pointing west rather than east; once the OTA is secured, do a 180 if you need to.

Finally, you could drill your own extra two holes or even a quad pattern, as far back as you like. I had a machinist add a couple to my DOVELM8, to make it work for me.
Likewise, you could have a pair of knob holes added at midpoint, like the spare (undocumented) set in the DOVELM8. It won't have that square "spring block" that the other two have - I think their purpose is only to provide a spring to automatically pull back the knobs - but the machinist could counter bore the outside edge of the hole into which you could add a spring to the knob shaft itself, which would do the same thing for the centre pair. Of course, you would have to buy a pair of knobs (with springs, perhaps those from the DOVELM8), from AP.

Also, have a look at Robin Casady's (8, 10, and 14 inch) saddles, especially the 14" which has holes even further back. ( Email Robin, and seek his advice for one of his saddles. I am sure he has seen this problem many times before. One of his shorter saddles might work without modifications I listed above.

Let us know how you eventually solve the problem.


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Hi Joe,
I immediately went to check my plate. Unfortunately, my DOVELM16S only has two contact
points. Not sure whether they changed the design at some point but the current picture on
the A-P website looks like my plate.


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