Re: Help - Counterweight shaft stuck to Mach 1 counterweight adapter.

Joe Zeglinski

You may be right Joe, but the threads are not that tight going on, so I assumed it must have been stiction. Of course, in reality it is a combination of both causes. In a warm environment like direct sunlight, the aluminum disk adapter, will expand quicker and to a larger extent than the steel shaft, so the bind will be reinforced when things cool down. My case was in the house with the entire mount at room temperature. I also didn't torque the shaft on, more than finger tight, since at the time it happened, I was trying something temporary, for a few minutes, and really didn't need the shaft on very firmly. Thus, I don't think the cause was the threads. Mind you, my adapter wasn't on in a death grip, and with a bit or work, I eventually managed to separate the parts. A Teflon washer really should be applied to the shaft's end. Imagine being in the field, and you couldn't dismantle the mount. The entire DEC assembly would ride home in the back seat.

Anyway, I think we have all come up with some good approaches to the problem, and perhaps raised it up a notch for AP's attention.


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JoeZ, I understand your problem better having read the other posts. I had
thought the shaft was stuck into the mount.

Not being argumentative but have you thought about what's actually holding
those two flat surfaces together? In my mind's they cannot be holding
themselves together with stickon alone, something must be keeping them
pressed against each other. The only candidate are the threads, just like
jamming two nuts against each other on a bolt. You'll have to lubricate the
threads with something like WD-40 or warm in the Sun to get them free,
probably both.

I don't envy your problem, have fun with the mechanical side of our
hobby...joe :)

"May You Go Among The Imperishable Stars"
Joe Mize
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