Re: DEC aggressiveness in guiding


This sounds like it could be caused by backlash compensation. You
might want to make sure that your backlash adjustment is set to zero
in the hand controller and in any software that connects to the
mount, including the ASCOM driver.


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Good Evening.

I am guiding my Mach1 with PHD guiding - the freeware that some of
you know about (because I used it with my last non AP mount and I
know it well, and it's free!). It allows for changes in RA
aggressiveness, but has no provision to change DEC aggressiveness.

I am using a guide rate of 0.5 sidereal set on the mount, and I
tweaked the RA aggressiveness in PHD so that I have very good RA

I am polar aligned so that I rarely have a DEC correction, perhaps
once in 20 minutes or so -- maybe less on a good night.

Problem is that when I get a DEC correction, it is so aggressive
the exposure it occurs in must be discarded.

If I set the guiderate in the mount to 0.25, will this also
the agressiveness of the DEC axis corrections at the mount level,
like I think it does at the RA axis?

Any other suggestions to "slow down" my DEC corrections besides
buying Maxim where I can seet the DEC aggressiveness seperately or
just turning off the DEC guiding altogether?



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