Re: PulseGuide and script

Pierre Henrotay

Thank you, Ray.
Seems that I still need to have a closer look at the "Rate inversion"
theme: I cannot figure out a rule of thumb yet, sometimes the results
are excellent and sometimes I need to invert the rates. Hit and miss.

BTW, I noticed that you added check boxes for doing this; they are
presented when the measured rates results are presnted. I would
suggest to move them to the Pulse Guider page itself. But I remember
that no further version of PG in its present form is to be expected,
or ? If you change your mind, have a think of this one...


--- In ap-gto@..., "Ray Gralak" <rgr@...> wrote:

Hi Pierre,
So, if your plate solves returns RA/Dec then you can just subtract
the RA
values divide by time and multiply by 15. So, you should not need
to adjust
for declination (Cosine of Dec) in this case.

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