Re: DEC Backlash and RA "Drift" on AP1200GTO

Jim S.

Hi Roland,

I can't speak for Maxim, but CCDSoft "knows" the binning state of the
guiding chip and will adjust the speeds accordingly. E.g., if one
calibrates 1x1 and then guides 2x2, CCDSoft will automatically adjust
the speeds to account for the resulting change of guiding image scale.
Further, if one decides to enter his own values into the Motion
fields in CCDSoft, for whatever reason, he MUST do so as if the
guiding chip was binned 1x1 regardless of how the guiding chip will
actually be set (1x1, 2x2, or 3x3) while guiding.

Any thoughts on my post which started this thread? --


--- In ap-gto@..., chris1011@... wrote:

If you guide at 1x1, then calibrate at 1x1. If you guide at 2x2
binned, you
must also calibrate at 2x2, or simply take your 1x1 values and cut
them in


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