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Roland Christen

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marcolorenzi70@... writes:

Dear all, I eventually found little time to update my home page with 8 new
shots. They all were taken with my worthy 900GTO

The direct links to the images and the preview is accessible here

All shots were made using my STL11K (now sold) and relative to the following

M 51 the Whirlpool Galaxy, one of my preferred objects (Vixen Visac 20cm

M106 Another nice galaxy, quite extended (Vixen Visac 20cm f/9)

M65/66/NGC3628 The popular Leo Triplet (Vixen Visac 20cm f/9)

M97/M108 The intriguing Owl Nebula and its neighbour galaxy (Vixen Visac
20cm f/9)

M1 The Crab Nebula (Vixen Visac 20cm f/9)

M78 A charming reflecting nebula in Orion (Vixen Visac 20cm f/9)

NGC2264 The Christmas three and its jewels (Tec140)

M42 The Great Orion Nebula, this picture made with data from both the TEC140
and the Visac to increase core details

Comments and critics are welcome
All very impressive images.


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