Re: Mach1 and checking PASILL4 results

Pierre Henrotay

Hi Dean,

lucky are you ;-)

Thank you for these test reports. This indicates that I have a
particular problem with mine - or, not to be excluded yet, that I
repeatedly did something wrong (but in my last tests, we were 2).

I need some more clear night(s) to recheck what is going on here;
unfortunately there is little hope for this in the very near future.

What I rechecked so far:
- the polar scope reticle is centered on the optical axis of the
polar scope
- the polar scope optical axis is aligned with the RA axis of the
mount (well, not mine, but an AP900GTO)
- the magnification of the polar scope is fine (I compared with a
previous model, unfortunately this is not suitable for the Mach1 as
it is non rotating)
- the engravings are OK (I followed a suggestion made on this list to
take a pic thru the polar scope with a digicam and check for
alignment with a map of the North Pole area - I did the map with
SkyMap Pro and used MaxIm to align with my pic - 2 stars align, no
centroid use): all 3 "stars" fall nicely in place where expected

So I am puzzled.

Is there a chance that I constantly mistake one star for another ? I
have a doubt on the position of what I assumed to be OV Cep. I'll
redo my checks just using Polaris and delta UMi.

Thanks again anyway !

--- In ap-gto@..., "Dean S" <dean@...> wrote:

Hi Pierre,

I managed to check the polar alignment scope tonight. After my
alignment with Pempro, the polar scope is perfectly aligned with
all 3

What was unusual is, that when I looked thru the polar scope, it was
perfectly aligned without me even touching it. I doubt that would
very often.


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