Re: Mach1 and checking PASILL4 results

Dean S

Hi Pierre,

I managed to check the polar alignment scope tonight. After my drift
alignment with Pempro, the polar scope is perfectly aligned with all 3

What was unusual is, that when I looked thru the polar scope, it was
perfectly aligned without me even touching it. I doubt that would happen
very often.


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Hi Pierre,

Last night I got some time to test my new Mach1GTO. I aligned it with the
same polar scope I use with my 1200. My targets where on the chip after
first star synch, not perfect but very close.

Then I did about 45 minutes of guided images, what a smooth graph!
better than my 1200 even? Well only because I was guiding at a much
image scale really. But regardless it guided extremely well, so good in
fact I see little need to drift any more, at least when I am imaging at
arcsec image scale.

Then I went to Pempro and checked the polar alignment. On azimuth it was
off at about 2.3 arc minutes. I adjusted until I got it about 0.5 which
seeing was bad so that is probably best I could do then.

Then went to check Dec and it said it was off about 6.0 arcminutes. I
adjusted and went back to Azimuth which was then off a bit and readjusted
just little back to about 0.5.

Unfortunately clouds or fog was making Polaris hard to see at this point
I could not check the polar scope but will do so tonight

Anyways I will be happy with only the polar scope alignment for the most
part unless I need to do longer exposures at longer F/L.

Dean Sch.

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good news for you ! I rechecked mine again yesterday (got a few hours
before clouds rolled in) and same result: align with polar scope
only, check with PoleAlignMax => 10 arcminutes error.

Which mount did you check it on ?
I'll be interested in your future feedback on your Mach1, although I
am convinced that the mount is not the trouble; I suspect my
polarscope is (or I am missing something but honestly, no clue).
My next plan is to check on a friend's 900GTO, when he is available
for a test ... and the weather clears up...


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I found that my finder is right on the money after I did a drift
using the PemPro alignment tool. I could only see Polaris and the
2nd star
but they are both right where they should be. Mount and polar
scope new as
of 12/07.

And I never did adjust the polar scope, or even check it really. I
have an opportunity in a couple weeks to check it with a Mach1 and
report back.



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