Meade tripod - wedge bolt hole pattern



This is a long shot but I thought I'd try anyway.

I'm going to be putting the 900 standard pier adapter onto the top of
my flat-topped pier.

My pier top has some tapped holes to match the pattern of the bolt
holes of the meade wedge (centre hole plus 3 holes 120 deg apart a
few inches out from the centre) which used to sit on my pier.

I was hoping to have the AP pier adapter pre-drilled so I could
fasten it directly to my pier for minimum hassle and was wondering if
anyone might know the specifications of the bolt hold pattern for the
meade wedge that I could supply in advance to have holes drilled.

(I guess I could paper trace the bolt pattern on my pier top, but I
don't want to disasemble the mount that is currently riding on it if
at all possible for the moment.)

Paul McGale

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