Re: Latest version of PEMPro AP SE

Luca <darknrg@...>

Well Ray,
after installing the latest version, I started all over again and
successfully created and uploaded to my 1200 a very good curve that
virtually eliminated the effects of PE. Before I could go unguided for no
more then 2 minutes (at 1250mm focal length). After uploading the curve I
tried a 5 minute exposure and the outcome was perfectly round stars all over
the field!

Thanks Ray for your assistance and help.


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From: Ray Gralak
Date: 25/04/2008 19.47.39
To: ap-gto@...
Subject: [ap-gto] Latest version of PEMPro AP SE

Hello everyone,

The version of PEMPro AP that Luca is using is rather old. If you are using
PEMPro AP please make sure you have v1.70 build 149 (click Help->About).

If needed you can download the latest version from here:

-Ray Gralak
Author of PEMPro

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