Re: PEMPro AP: some more help needed!

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Luca, Ray,

Final point. Once I have saved the original AP factory setup "curve" to a File, can I then re-install it into the mount's GTO controller, if I want to get back to the original setup?
Perhaps only the graphical display is saved, and not the raw data for reload, if I am saying this right.

Somewhere I recall reading that once you mess up, or replace the settings with a new tested curve, you could not get back into the "as-delivered" factory set configuration. Maybe that assumed you didn't first download and save the factory settings (for your specific mount). If so, the AP user manual should specifically warn you to save the installed curve, before learning how to create a new one. Here, I assume AP doesn't do this for you (before shipping the mount), specific to your mount, and save them there, in case you ever wanted a reset.


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Hello Joe,
I'm not Ray, but I may have an answer: in PEMPro AP (the only version I
have) you can read the curve in the mount from the PROGRAM MOUNT tab, where
it says "Read PE Curve" giving you the option of reading it from (A) the
Created PE Curve; (B) From Mount; (C) From File. If you choose (B) PEMPro
will read the curve from the mount and display it in the graph area. After
this is completed the option "To File" in the "Write PE Curve" area will be
enabled and you'll be able to save your data in a file. After pressing "To
File" the program will ask you which of the displayed curves you want to
save to file; just choose the "PE from Mount or File" and you're done.
I would wait for Ray's confirmation on this, but I'm 99% sure it would work.

Ciao Joe


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Hi Ray,

Side line question about all this.
Is it possible to "download" the existing curve data - perhaps the AP
factory set table values, in order to preserve them for possible set back?

I would feel more comfortable if I had a text file that I could revert the
GTO back to, if I screw up somewhere, in all the PEC training, or want just
to get back to the original settings for comparison.



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