Exact CW shaft diameter

Pawel Lancucki

Hi Gents

My Mach-1 is on order now. As I live in Europe, importing the CWs itself
would not be practical and I am going to order them made locally. This will
be done by a small astro company in Poland which produced for me stainless
steel counterweights for my other mounts.

Now, as I plan to order the CWs in advance, I need to know the exact
diameter of the CW shaft. In the AP manuals this is stated as either 1,125"
(which equals to 28,575mm) or 29mm - almost 0,5mm difference. My experience
shows that I should have 0,3 to 0,4mm clearance between the CW aluminium
insert and the shaft. Therefore, I am not sure what should be the CW
central bore.

Could somebody measure exact diameter of the Mach-1 CW shaft and/or CW
central bore to let me have a better idea on that?

Best regards,

Pawel Lancucki

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