Re: Leaving as GTO mount outdoors - BOX Cover Observatory

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Rick,

I think that an AP900, certainly AP1200 is about the size of the 8 inch Meade in the picture. You wouldn't want to remove the AP counterweights, or bar, every time, so the volume of a bare AP mount might be about the same. Also, there is plenty of room for cable harness and power supplies, etc. inside. The box plans will come pretty close, as is. However, I might still want to modify the base of that box, so it could be dropped down on another hinge, like a dinner table flap. That would allow easier access to the scope. Otherwise, the blue prints are probably close to good enough.

I hope there are still more ideas like this box observatory.

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Hi Joe,
Yep, Now imagine one small enough to just cover the AP mount.
Thanks, Rick

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Hi Rick,

Here is the other link I had for a backyard BOX observatory,
just the Meade 8" telescope on a pier - with blue prints..
Collier Hall of Science at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA

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Hi Rick,

Here is a link to the Hanna City Remote Robotic Observatory,
pics and
I think that is what you were referring to as a BOX observatory.



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