Re: Mach1 and checking PASILL4 results


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Hello all,

I am running a Mach1 and experience some problems with my polar
alignment scope (PASILL4). I'd appreciate your ideas here.
One thing I thought of was that the polarscope might be not aligned
within the axis once screwed in but I would be very very surprising.
Is there a way to check this ?
Maybe I am doing wrong or assuming something incorrectly but I
cannot see what is the trouble. I'd welcome your ideas and hints.
The mount is properly balanced, the telescope is rigidly attached,
the imaging combo is not very heavy (NP127 + DSLR).

Hi Pierre,

I think you might have discovered the error here. From you description
it sounds like you have centered the polar scope in the housing but
you haven't checked the relationship of the PAS housing to the mount.
Set up the mount so that the polar axis is close to horizontal - as if
you were setting it up near the equator at 0 latitude. You do not need
nor want your OTA or counterweights / shaft on for this. With the
polar scope in place, move the mount and point the crosshairs at
something a long distance off. (that is why the setup at close to
horizontal - so you can look for something that is permanent in
relationship to the telescope. You cannot use a star for this since
the earth is continually moving with relation to the sky. Then,
without rotating the polar scope, loosen the clutches or slew with the
handpaddle to rotate the whole RA axis by 180 degrees and see where
the polar scope crosshairs are pointing. If they are not on the
original point of aim, then the housing with relation to the polar
scope itself will require adjustment and since I don't have any
information here I can't tell you how to go about doing that. Maybe
there is something in the PAS manual.


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