Re: Mach1 and checking PASILL4 results

Pierre Henrotay

I just put in the Files section (folder phenrotay) 2 pics that show how
the 3 reference stars are positioned in the PASILL4 after
having achieved a good (< 1 arcmin) polar alignment:

- PASILL4-1.jpg : Polaris approximately with a perpendicular offset
from its gap: it was near the base of the engraved arrow head pointing
at the gap where Polaris should be. PASILL4 rotated to have the 2 other
stars are put in their gap line or close.

- PASILL4-2.jpg , when rotating the polar scope to bring Polaris in its
gap,the two other stars were far from their radial lines (30 degrees or
so for delta UMi).

Not 100% accurate of course, just to give an idea of the deviations.


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