Need info on concrete scope pads

Paul Gustafson

I'm tangentially involved in the planning of the fourth of four
observatories across the US that will be used primarily for
education. The third, to some extent, but primarily the fourth will
be used for real science as well as education, articles to be
published in the Astrophysical Journal, and will have full remote
capability with broadband at the observatory. The observatory is
under construction, scope, dome and mount already here in storage.

My task is to find plans for a concrete scope pad that will be near
the observatory to give club members a place to set up. It should be
large enough for 6 to 8 scopes with power to all, hopefully two or
three locations with piers (looking at Le Seur AstroPiers, same as in
the four observatories). Anyone have any experience or could point me
in a productive direction? We don't know if it would be more
economical or more functional to have a large rectangular pad,
something like a boat pier with smaller pads off a central walkway,
hexagonal or circular pads interconnected, just don't know. We'd like
to keep the cost down, concrete is being done by a commercial
concrete company, but it's more important to do it right.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All four observatories will have AP 1200 mounts (to keep on topic for
group) in domes, would be nice if at least a couple of the pads would
be AP900-friendly as well. :-)

Paul Gustafson

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