Re: Leaving as GTO mount outdoors O.T.

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Morgan

Being an electrical engineer, I have hoped for an electric car, for decades, but the new models still are not quite what I expected. The cost of gas should also be compared to the cost of a replacement of a, full set of batteries every 2 to 4 years (don't know exactly) - and how do we dispose of all those lead acid batteries? Are we trading one problem for two others? Maybe I will hold out for a solar cell powered - lithium hybrid or fuel cell augmented car - if I live that long. The other problem, if we all go hi-tech, is the cost of a litre of lubricating oil for the car - since they won't be selling gasoline, the cost of lubrication will jump to maybe hundreds of dollars per litre! After all, the oil companies can't go out of business.
Just wish the USA hadn't abandoned Fusion research - maybe one of the next presidents, will be intelligent rather than just educated, and not one whose family is a member of the oil business.


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This site, by Dave Kodama, an astrophotographer in S. Cal chronicling
his and his wife's experiences with EV-1 cars, the original GM plug-in
electric - this is what got me interested in going electric.

I'm pretty sure the figures Greg talks about in his post are correct -
but its all speculation until we all decide to get out there and do
something about it - I look how just cleaning up emissions changed S.
Cal's air from 1970s to now, and imagine what going electric can do...
and now back to astronomy...

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