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This site, by Dave Kodama, an astrophotographer in S. Cal chronicling
his and his wife's experiences with EV-1 cars, the original GM plug-in
electric - this is what got me interested in going electric.

I'm pretty sure the figures Greg talks about in his post are correct -
but its all speculation until we all decide to get out there and do
something about it - I look how just cleaning up emissions changed S.
Cal's air from 1970s to now, and imagine what going electric can do...
and now back to astronomy...

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Way off topic but here is a good group I subscribe to:
at . They have been pushing PHEV's for
several years. I'm not sure that calculations have been made for 100%
EV but for now from what I read there is an excess of generating
capacity in the evening and the utilities would love to sell
electricity off-peak hours. I guess they keep the steam generated but
can't get rid of the excess generating capacity. Think about all of
the programs utilities have that cut off power to the dryer and water
heater during the day and their recommendation to run washer/dryers
and dishwashers at night. Most of the PHEV's that I have seen pitched
plug into a normal outlet so my guess is the impact would be less than
people coming home and running a load of clothes. Calcars posts a
board that shows the current average price of gas at $3/gallon and the
comparable PHEV price of $.75/gallon. The site also has a studies by
DOE and the Electric Power Research Institute and others that state
there is still a significant reduction in CO2 even in a 50% coal-
powered grid. I have a Highlander Hybrid but the extra price for the
hybrid wasn't an issue since I tend to hold onto cars for at least
250K miles. I think the big hold back is the additional $5K-$10K to
implement PHEV with current battery technology. I am not sure how the
economic case will change with $4/gallon gas.
I also do not know what the requirements are for a modern, well-
engineered EV.
Now back to astronomy!


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I agree,

The use of so called "electric cars" is nuts. Nobody considers the
"plant" problem that would be created in exchange for cleaner air.
They never say HOW the batteries are recharged. Can you image, if we
went green, and we all bought electric cars? There would be a major
out every night at 6:00 PM, as millions of homes plug in their cars
for the
next day's commute. This would require many new nuclear power
plants. Same
thing in summer, on high heat days, the cars will shut down power for
So much for the green economy.


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Hi Guys,
Is electricity free out there? Out here in CA, electricity is very
expensive and I haven't calculated it, but would guess it to be much
less efficient (dollar-wise) than gas. The guys here that had the
original GM electric cars said their electric bills soared and
electricity has quadrupled since then. I think Toyota is on the
correct path. Their hybrids convert waste kinetic energy into stored
chemical energy (a nearly free other than the battery circuit
costs). The plug-ins connect directly to my wallet (Southern CA.
Edison in my case). I hope to continue to see use of the wasted
energy in addition to more cost/energy efficient fuels.
My O.T. 2 cents,
Thanks, Rick

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