Re: Leaving as GTO mount outdoors

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Rick,

Even so, that would still be useful, if you ever spot it again.
I went through all the "hundreds" of Yahoo Group's "observatories" - where I too thought might have been where I saw it - and did not find it.
I wish S&T would do a more extensive article on this kind of secure but "minimalist" enclosure.
The closest thing I have seen , are Robotic Observatories - but this are not easy to use manually (tight space).


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Hi Joe,
I will post if I see them again. They were posted on
the "Observatories" Yahoo group some time ago. However; Remember,
that I siad the design was for mount only...Not scope also. That
would require a much larger case and one that would be more likely
to draw attention.
Thanks, Rick

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