Re: Leaving as GTO mount outdoors O.T.

Joe Zeglinski

I agree,

The use of so called "electric cars" is nuts. Nobody considers the "plant" problem that would be created in exchange for cleaner air.
They never say HOW the batteries are recharged. Can you image, if we all went green, and we all bought electric cars? There would be a major black out every night at 6:00 PM, as millions of homes plug in their cars for the next day's commute. This would require many new nuclear power plants. Same thing in summer, on high heat days, the cars will shut down power for factories.
So much for the green economy.


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Hi Guys,
Is electricity free out there? Out here in CA, electricity is very
expensive and I haven't calculated it, but would guess it to be much
less efficient (dollar-wise) than gas. The guys here that had the
original GM electric cars said their electric bills soared and
electricity has quadrupled since then. I think Toyota is on the
correct path. Their hybrids convert waste kinetic energy into stored
chemical energy (a nearly free other than the battery circuit
costs). The plug-ins connect directly to my wallet (Southern CA.
Edison in my case). I hope to continue to see use of the wasted
energy in addition to more cost/energy efficient fuels.
My O.T. 2 cents,
Thanks, Rick

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