is this a sane workflow?

Mike C


I have an AP1200.

My requirement: I need to jump back and forth between my selected
composition/framing of an object, and a bright star suitable for
repeatedly focusing with different filters.

I am doing this by

1) slewing to a bright "focus star" near the intended target, doing a
calibrate on it,

2) focus the camera

3) Then I do the short slew to the main target, and carefully frame
the image. Once the picture is composed, I go to object menu and press
">" which seems to cache the RA/DEC of the current position for later

4) When I'm ready to change filters I slew to the bright star again by
name, and do the filters & focus work.

5) When ready to take photos again, I go to the objects menu and press
"#7 - R/D" which has the coords of my careful framing remembered.

Repeat 4-5 for each filter or photograph series.

I know the easy way to do this is a robofocus and a filter wheel, but
pretend I don't have $1200 for that stuff right now... Am I doing this
repeated change between two sky positions in a silly manner?

Is there any handy software where I can tell it to remember a number
of sky coordinates and just simply click on them A.. B.. A... B... to
go between them?

Mike Clemens

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