Re: Insurance for astronomy equipment



In my case, they sent an "expert" who validated the costs I specified in the Excel
spreadsheet I had prepared for them and who also confirmed the serial numbers I
provided them and, finally, took two photos of each item (the item itself and then the
serial number).

These photos are also printed in the policy.


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My State Farm agent told me several years ago to photograph any
"unusual" items. Replacing a TV is easy for them to do; replacing an
AP refractor is not. They don't generally deal with such gems, so the
more information you can provide in case of a loss, the easier it will
be should you need to file a claim.

I keep detailed photos of my astronomical and musical equipment locked
in a drawer at work, where they won't be damaged in a catastrophic
loss at home. As a possibly-useful aside, it is more difficult to
document the value of a vintage saxophone than a pristine AP scope, so
I periodically get my musical instruments reappraised by a qualified
repair person.


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Does anyone have the name of a good insurance company that will
insure mounts,
telescopes, ccd cameras, ect. Homeowners insurance won't cover it
and I would want full
replacement cost, should a loss occur. Any help would be
appreciated. Thank You

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