Re: Insurance for astronomy equipment


HI there,

I have all of my astro toys fully insured with AIG ... they are supposedly the biggest
insurance company in the world with offices and branches all over the globe.

They did not have the slightest hesitation about insuring my expensive equipment ... and
that includes everything with a value of $300 or more. They also took photos of invoices,
customs forms etc for their records.

My only disappointment is that they converted the value of each piece of equipment to
euros and then used that as a basis for getting me the final policy cost (in addition to the
house, furniture etc). This I did not like since I could be underinsured if the USD improves
to 1.20 or better (against the euro). Of course, right now, I am overinsured and this is
something I can obviously live with should something catastrophic happen to my astro


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Does anyone have the name of a good insurance company that will insure mounts,
telescopes, ccd cameras, ect. Homeowners insurance won't cover it and I would want
replacement cost, should a loss occur. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

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