Re: Leaving as GTO mount outdoors

Joe Zeglinski


Maybe that is where I saw it, in the middle of a lovely backyard garden, or brick patio. I can almost still picture it - I think it housed an LX-10? I do believe I scanned my back issues of S&T a while back, but struck out. I will have another look, just in case. Sure wish S&T's indexing site was a lot easier to use - or that they would bring back the semi annual printed index that some fool discontinued a couple of years ago - I have the feeling the magazine is in decline, and am considering discontinuing, after over 40 years of subscribing.


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Hi Joe
I think I remember a Sky and Telescope article a few years ago that showed
the construction of such a pier top enclosure. I will try to find this
article, but maybe someone else has a better recollection of exactly which
issue it was in.


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