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Joe Zeglinski

Hi Morgan,

Sounds great - but as for the "gate", maybe you can form the wall into a spiral (even an offset square), so the entrance is open, still hidden, but doesn't need a latched gate to handle in the dark, unless you want to keep the larger critters out of the enclosure.

The round paved walkway - leaves me to imagining a "yellow brick road" - narrowing as you enter the green observatory, for the local school "Munchkins " to come and observe the sky. Have you considered yellow bricks :-)

You are planning a "4-foot deep" footing, just for tripod legs? I was planning to bury some stone cinder blocks below grass grade, and silicone seal onto them, a set of Losmandy tripod vibration pads (which have suitably molded slots for those angled pipes), so I can just slip them in like feet into a pair of slippers. That would be a permanently repeatable position for my portable tripod set up in the yard, with anti vibration isolation from the stone surface as a bonus.

As for gravel - I stay away from gravel parking lots, at the club dark sites, because of the clay dust, and the dirt picked up on shoes and knees, not to mention stones. One night after just a few hours of observing at our dark site, in an area of gravel pit mining (during the week), I was shocked to see a large glob of clay dripped down the meniscus of my Q7 corrector, after the frost had melted and collected clay particles deposited on the lens, just from the surrounding air. There wasn't even a breeze to account for that deposition. Learned my lesson about dirty clay.

There are "pots of annuals" I was thinking about using in a circle around my spot. I forget the name of the small plant, but it smells of lemon, as a mosquito repellant. Unfortunately, a dozen pots of this annual plant, every year, can be expensive, but I will look into it.


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Arborvitae is the type of evergreen I'm going to use, if you google it
you'll see an image. They're nice and dense, can be bought at the
right height (about 6') and when planted about 2' apart, give a strong
privacy hedge. I'm planning to make an enclosure about 9 x 9 feet on
the inside (unlike a building, I can always trim the walls back a bit
if needed...) and with a good solid gate in a sidewall opening that I
can lock to keep curious kids and critters out. I'm thinking that I'll
plant either grass or a low mossy-type ground cover, have a nice paved
walk to the entrance and a little paved pad inside for a computer cart
I'll wheel in when using the scope. The scope will be on a tripod with
4' deep footings - less intrusive and permanent than a big slab for
the 1200 mount on a pier. I plan a round paved walkway for viewing,
with gravel under the tripod legs and the scope and tripod covered
with Telegizmos 365 covers. Should work well, and look good too.
Money saved from building a remote observatory should buy me a Prius...

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