Re: Leaving as GTO mount outdoors

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Rick,

I have been searching the web for a "telescope-only pier housing" for a couple of years, and this was only one of two that I have been able to find. If you can locate any other links PLEASE post them - I really would like to build one as well. I saw a wonderful one a few years ago, and have been scanning the web to get it back, without much luck.

In my situation, I enjoy my lovely garden yard, where the ideal spot for a small ready made observatory would be in the corner - where all the fruit trees block a fair amount of the sky. I am not willing to sacrifice the trees and ruin the enjoyment of my "day space".

I thought that a less conspicuous pier mounted telescope enclosure would be a good compromise, with quick access to my set-up, but without a "building blocking my view" - sort of the large white elephant in the middle of my outdoors room.

I really hope you, or anyone else here, can share a link for this specific kind of project.


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Hi Joe,
Thanks. That is similar, but the design that I was describing only
covers the mount and is much smaller...just big enough to surround
the mount.
Thanks, Rick

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Hi Rick,

Here is a link to the Hanna City Remote Robotic Observatory,
pics and
I think that is what you were referring to as a BOX observatory.


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