Re: Leaving as GTO mount outdoors

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Rick,

Here is a link to the Hanna City Remote Robotic Observatory, pics and plans:
I think that is what you were referring to as a BOX observatory.


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Hi Morgan,
Have you seen the little boxes that some people have made? I wish I
had a link to them, but will attempt a brief description.

Imagine the closed position of a wooden box around just the top of
the pier and just big enough to cover the mount. The box comes in
two pieces that fit together with overlapping weather seals. It has
a round cutout in the bottom to fit around the pier and spring
loaded closer hasps to seal it tight when closed.

Another version has two flat pieces that fit together just below the
mount and around the pier to form the bottom of a box and then a top
hat box that fits over the mount and clamps to the bottom.

Top off the design with a 15 watt light bulb and some bottom vent
holes to allow minimum air flow and I think you have a winner. Even
better, cover the mount first in a nice warm, breathable, non-
hygroscopic blanket (i.e. Gore-tex fabric) first, then cover it.

Just another idea.
Thanks, Rick

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