Re: Insurance for astronomy equipment

Wiggins, Rick

I will post the short version here. Please be aware that
the "Insurance Company" is rarely the company that actully writes the
policy and provides the protection. This and the following explains
the variation in coverage etc.
1. The consumer buys coverage from an individual or company.
2. The selling agent that we (the consumer) deal with may work for a
large insurance company (i.e. State Farm), a small company, or be
totally a one person operation.
3. The actual insurance policy is provided by an underwriter (the
actual insuring agency) and this is usually tranparent to the
consumer. This underwriter could be the large insurance company itself
or any one of hundreds of underwriters all over the world.
4. It is common for agents and companies to deal with multiple
underwriters to get the most appropriate and best deal for each
individual policy.
5. There are state and possibly other governing bodies that legislate
some restrictions in some areas.
This means that "State Farm is not State Farm" and you milage may vary.
The best advice is to check your policy, call around, and read any
policy very carefully. If you don't understand it, get a friend
(preferably an agent or broker) to help you understand the policy.

Getting insurance on observatories is difficult...more difficult of
off your residential property...and far more difficult if it is on
someone else's property.

I would be seriously concerned if your homeowner's policy did not
cover a modest amount of astronomy equipment (personal property kept
at home or traveling with you). If they don;'t cover this, what else
don't they cover?

I am not an agent and I am still looking for a good observatory
policy, but this is my current understanding.
Thanks, Rick

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Does anyone have the name of a good insurance company that will
insure mounts,
telescopes, ccd cameras, ect. Homeowners insurance won't cover it
and I would want full
replacement cost, should a loss occur. Any help would be
appreciated. Thank You

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