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I just spoke with my home owners insurance this morning, State Farm,
and she
said my observatory contents are included with the content coverage
of my
house. Cameras, telescopes, computers, etc.

And as long as it is just a hobby there is no additional coverage
assuming it is enough overall. However to be safe I am looking into
this as an addition to be absolutely sure there would be no hidden

I too am insured with State Farm and this is also the case. As long as
the equipment is at home or in an enclosure on my property
(observatory) it is covered. There is contents coverage on my vehicle
insurance (State Farm again) and it is covered most of the time
against collision damage or theft. There is no coverage when I am
vacationing or at star parties, etc and the equipment is outside of
the vehicle or the vehicle is unlocked. In other words the coverage
will only come into effect if the vehicle and contents are damaged in
a vehicle collision or if there has been a verifiable break and enter.
Due to this, I have added a rider to the house insurance that covers
either one of two OTA's (AP Traveler or AP130) on a Mach1 mount and
Berlebach tripod for all perils with a low deductible. It is not
inexpensive yet it IS better than traveling without insurance
considering the replacement cost, and comes under the camera's and
optics category.

Does anyone have the name of a good insurance company that
will insure
telescopes, ccd cameras, ect. Homeowners insurance won't cover it
and I
would want full
replacement cost, should a loss occur. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You

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