Re: Atmospheric Refraction, Tracking Accuracy and PulseGuide

Pawel Lancucki

Hi Guys

This is a very interesting thread, personally I have never attempted to
image beyond 1800mm FL so many of the challenges are quite new for me.

I believe there are systems with a built-in King rate which is a sort of
"sideral rate corrected for averaged refraction", and there are systems
which calculate the real King rate based on the object altitude over
horizon (the Hungarian-made Pulsar system used on Gemini and Montegra
mounts uses this one).

But in any case, the real-life refraction is a function of the location
elevation over the sea level, air pressure, humidity etc - way too many
factors for a simple drive system. These probably *could be* and are
factored in for large professional installations.

In any case, it would be interesting to compare guiding performance of the
same mount equipped with traditional constant-rate RA, King rate and
real-time King rate :-)

Clear skies

Pawel Lancucki
Warsaw, Poland

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