Re: PemProAP: tips for a 1st time user?

Luca <darknrg@...>

Not yet!

I agree it may sound stupid, but there are things that you learn "by doing"
and I was referring to that extra information, if any. That's the way I
intend these groups: to share experience: I have none with PemProAP, so
anything will do for me!

But I promise I will read the manual as soon as I get to my observatory and
to the pc where it is installed! I just thought I could get a little head
start ;-)

Thanks Ray


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Hi Luca,

Have you read the help file? :-)

-Ray Gralak
(author of PEMPro)

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Hello everyone,

I've decided that I will install and use PemProAP for my 1200
to improve its
tracking accuracy.
Any useful hint to a first time user? Information on how to avoid the
steepest part of the learning curve?

Thanks for any help!


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