Re: Can't connect AP600E GTO through ASCOM

Bob Benamati

Well, I must of scared it into submission by the post... After 3 hours; multiple un- and re-installs; and a couple of restarts of the PC, it mysteriously links fine now! Go figure....

Anyway--I'm thrilled to finally be an AP owner after all these years! After struggling with the G11 for so long, I sure can't wait to give the little 600 a go (I'm still kicking myself for turning down the Mach 1 from the 1st production run, but I hope the 600 will at least compensate until my name comes up again!)

Take care,

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Subject: [ap-gto] Can't connect AP600E GTO through ASCOM

Hi gang,

Sorry for any cross-posts from the ASCOM group, but here's my problem:

I've recently acquired a 600E GTO CP2 (D chip series) and cannot
connect to it through any ASCOM platforms. I used to use MaxPoint,
PEMPro, etc. with my Gemini, but for some reason, I'm unable to connect
through either program using the AP GTO Mount selection. I AM able to
successfully link PulseGuide--so (I believe) my serial connection is
fine.... I'm stumped... I've updated to ASCOM 5a and installed the AP
driver v 4.1.25. Is the older mount just not able to be controlled
this way??



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